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Music Find of Today

Posted in Music by Will on Saturday, March 14th, 2009 ~ 10pm

I’ve had Samarah’s album “Falling Away” in my Amazon wishlist for a long time, due to it not being in print and not likely to return there (or to CDBaby from where it was distributed originally). Searching for her two EPs was a failure as well. Torrents, nada. Music blogs, nada.

Dispair seemed certain — but, Samarah decided to release 2 of her EPs for free on Archive.org!

So, you need to know what her music is like. It’s “glitch”, “downtempo”, and she murmurs through the programming. It’s very relaxing if you like glitch, which for some reason I do. Even though it reminds me of a Cylon Baseship.

And, did I mention free? It’s only 128 kbps, but for free I won’t complain:

Samarah – These Things EP
Samarah – Robots Smile Too

Create a folder called “These Things EP” and a folder called “Robots Smile Too” and save the mp3s into the appropriate folder, and then drag the folders into iTunes and you know the rest.

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