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Men Can't Sing (Redux)

Posted in Music by Will on Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 ~ 11pm

Remember when I said that “men can’t sing” and that “I’m giving up trying to balance my music collection with more men singers [because] they just aren’t any good”?

Well the sad result of that decision was that when I reached for my iPod at work last week, really in the mood for some growling, testosterone-fueled male fury, the closest I could find was Snow Patrol. I know!

Moreover, I have so many female singers now that I find it difficult to tell them apart. Maria Taylor. Katie Herzig. Brandie Carlisle. I’ve got so many artists who are the same niche — a sort of post-folk, not-quite-pop/rock, not-really-country, singer/songwriter niche that I can’t tell who is who without checking the screen.

So, I’m going to resume collecting male-vocal music again. Even though I hold by my earlier pronouncement about their lack of singing ability.

I think I’ll see what Fish did after he left Marillion. Oh. He got cancer.

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