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What I did on my snow day

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 27th, 2009 ~ 1am

Thank you snow storm. Thanks to the snow day (off from work) I got many things done: my room is vacuumed. Some music I’d downloaded months ago has been properly put into my music folder. I made myself an actual spaghetti dinner. I finally watched The House Bunny (not as good as Happy Face). I put some papers (from my floor) about my car into my car folder, and some medical papers into my health insurance folder. I responded to a January 1st letter from some company that needed me to update my credit card info. I threw away a couple shoe boxes that were taking up precious space in my bedroom. And I had a lovely chat on the phone. These things are all so needed, I feel we should have a four day work week always. It is not right that we’ve created a system which gives us such little time for these sorts of upkeep things.

And I’ve got almost 3 days of beard stubble going on… no plans to shave tomorrow even if the roads are clear enough to go in to work. Boulder will be desolate, no doubt, even if the roads are clear. (And thus no one will point and shout “beard!”) But so far my street remains snowed in so it might be a forced snow day tomorrow too (which kind of sucks because I don’t want to waste another “sick day” the same week, I’d rather it be during another week).

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