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The most true words

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 1st, 2006 ~ 1pm

My friend came by work today and it is always (or often!) good to see her. Brightens up my day because we are so sympatico in how we regard our situations – our lives, how we got here, how we want to go on. Credibility is always in her words, and credibility is in how she hears me, too.

Am I using that term correctly – can a person have credibility in the way they listen? I’ll say yes – it means they know what is the most true part of what is being said.

Actually come to think of it if I just always spoke the most true parts, there’d be no need for people to have skill in sensing what feels most important.

Oh, but that would be chaos! Anarchy! Cats and gods, living together – mass hysteria!

FN: “How we want to go on” does not mean we are going together – far from it. I just mean, we recognize the paths each of us are seperately on.

On a related note, I need a girlfriend of my own. Or hell, I’d be happy to have a loaner now and then. A loaner for a loner…

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