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Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, March 30th, 2009 ~ 12am

I dreamed that a bad guy played by Robert Downey Jr. had booby trapped a New York apartment, and then communicated via cell phone with the FBI agents sent in to the scene. Keanu Reeves was among the agents who were sent in to find out what was behind the traps. Even the lobby vending machine was booby trapped with poisoned chocolate-chip cookies. Which I will admit, my self-character (an FBI agent) ate. Fortunately I did not die, since I was after all dreaming the dream. I did however manage to trip several other of the traps that would cause the entire building to seal and then self-destruct. The doorbell was rigged, too. And when I’d tripped that one too, my fellow agent, a woman I liked, was trapped inside with the others — metal doors sliding over the windows and doors, shortly before the blast that I knew would come. Basically if a certain number of triggers were tripped, the building would self destruct. There was also a scene where a criminal kept his incriminating evidence inside of basketball-sized wads of explosives, so, the feds could take it, but the risk was too huge. It was not a good dream.

I also dreamed of a basement with a large saucer-shaped, cement structure that was incredibly hot. It was some kind of engine, and used water. I also dreamed of being in a claustrophobia-inducing curved room in which the only way out was to slide along a wall, into a sort of inner-wall (two walls in parallel, curving around) which became narrower and narrower as one slide further, until I was afraid my skull would get stuck. I just about melted down a foot or two shy of the door.

Unpleasant. But the first bit did make me wonder if Robert Downey Jr and Keanu Reeves have been in a film together. They should have been. One actor really gets into character, and one can’t seem to get out of an oft-mocked character. They’d be interesting to see up against each other.

Inspirations: The tv show Dollhouse made me dream of a house. The movie Saw probably were an influence too. A bit of Mulder and Scully in the FBI response from having wondered earlier that night if I should get the X-Files sequel on video.

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