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Some colors are heavy

Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, March 30th, 2009 ~ 10am

I had a dream this morning that I was an Asian-American superhero with long purple hair who had just learned to fly (albeit not terribly well, yet), who had to now come up with a name for himself. Inspired by the trippy observation that “some colors are heavy”, he decided upon a name.

“It’s more than a name, it’s a sentence!” he explained to his friend excitedly: “Some Kind of Heavy“. And when he was not being a “heavy” (someone who has to use force), he’d be “Some Kind of Color”, in reference to his purple hair. So if he was visiting a kid’s birthday party as a surprise guest for example, he’d be called “Some Kind of Color”, but when newspaper headlines were written about him having captured some criminals, they’d call him “Some Kind of Heavy”. It was a mood indicator of sorts.

Although not included in the dream, he would be referred to as “Somekind” when he was doing interviews with the television personalities. Which he thought was nice — a superhero with kindness in his name.

The sentence also made for a hell of a tattoo across fans’ backs.

Flying was an improvement over his most recent form of travel, which was a little red scooter that topped out at about 25 miles per hour. Did I mention that his superhero costume was a suit? A suit like a scooter-riding mod would wear. A suit jacket and suit pants, and a light shirt. And his hair tended to blow around too much when flying, leaving him with bed-head whenever he landed.

I’m not sure if he had any super powers beyond flying. His sense of direction wasn’t too good, either.

In one scene, he picked up a sea lion in an attempt to give the animal a thrill, but, contrary to cartoon personalities, became violently agitated at being 30 feet off the ground and barked and tried to bite him — causing him to have to drop the sea lion to a rather gruesome death on the streets below. Hopefully no one saw.

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