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Dreams of a Cuddly Galaxy

Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 ~ 10am

I dreamed I hugged a universe. Well, a galaxy anyway, and galaxies are so large that it felt like a universe. The dream started as if I were watching a movie. A low-budget movie that was reusing special effects sequences from Pitch Black and then adding in new drama bits. This was tedious. But then I sort of pulled back away from this movie screen and saw the stars. Stretching in a line across the stars was the soft cloudy glow that I assumed was the Milky Way, the view of our galaxy on edge that appears as a luminscent line of fuzz if you live somewhere with no light pollution (I myself have only seen it once, at camp in the countryside once when I was a child).

But my eyes followed the line across the sky and I beheld a sight so spectacular that it was almost frightening. The line of fuzz I thought was the profile of the Milky Way was just one arm of the Milky Way, and my eyes took in the sight of the entire galaxy with several more spiral arms, golden-red in color. My view was from about 30 degrees up and away out of the plane of our galaxy.

Our galaxy was not perfectly round by the way, it was elongated, and the arm I was nearest to extended far out by it’s lonesome. Though it could have been the angle and scale. In any case, it was almost scary.

But then I warmed up to it, and I gave it a bit snuggly hug. The little black holes that in my inaccurate vision peppered the galaxy (inaccurate because there’s supposedly just one black hole, at the center of the galaxy) felt like little barnacles, just doing their little part to suck in particles. My scale had obviously changed. Big snuggly hug.

Earlier in the dream I’d been flirting with a girl who reminded me a bit of Eliza Dushku, who was walking with me, and with my ol’ girlfriend Jenn, and another person or two. We were walking through a shopping area, but I kept jumping ahead by using a foam panel — like a swimming kickboard — that I’d put under my butt which I could then sort of sit on as it flew me down the hall faster than walking. I was doing this because I was nervous about walking with her.

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