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Stuart Davis Between the Music

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, May 4th, 2006 ~ 6pm

Between the Music, a two-DVD set by musician Stuart Davis, is available as of today. I don’t know if Bart’s will stock it or if it will only be available by mail order, but you can order it from his website. Each disc is sold seperately.

“It’s not a concert video,” he explains. “it’s a strange kind of pop-umentary of my life as an artist, spiritual practitioner, and (cross my fingers), human being. I really, really love it.”

It started out as a concert video, but he said somewhere along the way he realized that he never watches concert videos more than once. So he fueled it up with more stuff including – I think – his video road diaries and some of the stuff he shot for Integral Naked. Still I suspect one disc has more music and one disc has more between, but the descriptions aren’t up yet.

Also recommended: The album Self Titled where he is sitting in a meditation pose, painted silver. Excellent album. Want some free samples?

Does anyone else see a sort of swastika in the cover art? It isn’t there, but if it was, it would be the Buddhist version, the Buddha’s footsteps.

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