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"3 minutes at 320kbps" appears as "30 minutes at 32kbps" on some mp3s

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 ~ 4pm

Some learnin’ I incorporated into my mind today (thought I’d share my knowledge):

Subject: iTunes: “3 minutes at 320kbps” appears as “30 minutes at 32kbps” on some mp3s

Q: On a very few mp3s I’ve bought (not from iTunes), “3 minutes at 320kbps” may appear as “30 minutes at 32kbps”. It plays correctly, it plays at the correct speed (even though the timer shows a half hour rather than 3 minutes), but there is obviously something interpreted incorrectly. Is there any way to get iTunes to learn the correct time and kbps?

A: Some applications that are used to encode files to MP3 VBR (Variable Bit Rate) do not set the VBR tag correctly and this can screw up the time. See this -> http://www.willwap.co.uk/Programs/vbrfix.php

(I just tried VBRFix — there are a few versions on that page and I needed to use the older Visual Basic Version because none of the newer versions would install — and ran the fix on a backup copy of the mp3, and it fixed it. The program cautions that you should always run it on a COPY of the track, since it sometimes eats mp3s. So, precaution taken.)

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