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Vampires and Hulk

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 ~ 12pm

I dreamed that there were about 45 alluring female vampires in a house I was visiting with my sister. These vampires referred to themselves as “ghosts” rather than vampires, probably because it was easier to say. I was being cautioned by my sister to be exceptionally careful if dating one, since you’d have to constantly assert that you want to stay human. They, like anyone, could respect that sort of request in a relationship — it is part of the compromises that we all must accept if we’re serious about a relationship — but they’d nonetheless still have the natural tendency to want to sink their teeth into your neck. So it was kind of dangerous to be one human among 45 vampires. But they were quite keen.

In a separate dream I got to experience what it is like to turn into the Incredible Hulk. I’d been given the same serum as Dr. David Banner, so I’d turn into a Hulk. So I was reporting to the group of scientists how I felt after the serum had been injected. I was feeling normal and was still human for a couple minutes. Then I started to feel a little large. Though, not angry. They saw that my eyes had turned illuminated-green — I could see their faces fill with anxiety the moment my eyes changes — and so they knew before I did that the change was underway. And then, I felt myself change. I grew two feet in height and I felt my arms become massive. I was still not angry though – I was a relaxed Hulk. And green. I checked my pants to see if everything changed, but, nope. Still human sized there.

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