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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles finale

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, April 11th, 2009 ~ 12am


I think they nailed the final-ever episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pretty well. I don’t need a season 3 now — they completed this version of the Terminator universe. John gets to fall in love with the flesh and blood version of Cameron (Allison), John gets to fight to save the post-Judgment Day world… and his mom, well I suppose she expires in Judgment Day or even earlier, but at least she knows he was delivered, safely, into the future that he is destined to save.

The writers were holding back on us. They were clever all along (the moray eel in the tank being part of Garbage-bot). But something held them back; they only got to shine on so very few episodes. Including episodes like this.

Good ending. Not GREAT, for I am still hungry for much more — details we’ll never know unless the head writer gives some interviews, developments we’ll never see. And yet, it was good enough to allow me to be satisfied if this is the end of the series (which it surely is).

Summer, Lena, Thomas, Richard, Shirley, Garret, Brian… thank you.

(Image: generated by the “make yourself a Terminator” thingee at http://www.terminateyourself.com)

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