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Feel of Flying

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, April 16th, 2009 ~ 1am

I haven’t written a real, honest to goodness personal blog entry in awhile — not because nothing has been going on in my personal life. Far from it. I’ve been busy helping a friend move. And with that is sadness and such but that’s too personal for a medium like this.

I will however record here (as I posted on Facebook) that the day after helping my friend move, I felt like I was flying. I think I was tuned in to her sense of freedom on the open road. Or, it may have been the butterscotch cookies I’d eaten the night before. But it felt good, and I felt happy for her.

Oh, also, personal note: My widow’s peaks are getting higher again. Every once and awhile the cycle of hair thinning starts up again, and strands start falling onto my desk… It’s natural for men. I’ll deal. It’s been at least half a year since my last cycle, so, I’m doing alright for 39+1.

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