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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 22nd, 2006 ~ 10pm

So I need a clever nickname if I am going to mirror this blog over at livejournal or myspace or blogger or otherlatesttrend. I could use my real name I suppose but that could “break the mood” and the fabric of cyberspace could come crashing down around me. Raining diodes. Clever is not something I’ve aspired to. My website is willbueche.com, about as direct as you can get. I feel rather like Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne in Batman Returns when he shows up to the costume party wearing no mask because his normal surface is his mask. (Reminder to self: Buy that movie). My self is a mystery to me, so I haven’t felt a need to have a nickname or any kind of alias, really. But that leaves me rather without a catchy name.

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