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Lottery ticket I needz u

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 ~ 1pm

Things I can’t afford:

A quick laser electrolysis treatment before summer. I finished with that a year ago but there’s a few strays I want to nuke away.

I’d like to legitimize some of my music collection. A fell-swoop to replace stuff I’ve sampled and like enough to buy used on half.com. Related note: I recently calculated that in my life I’ve spend more than $10,000 on music. That’s figuring 50 or 60 used or new CDs each year for 20 years.

Some t-shirts for summer. T-shirts are fucking expensive.

I need to save up for that four-thirds camera that may come out in July or August.

I need to save up for that Fifth Element stone set I preordered.

I wouldn’t mind having more underwear.

I wouldn’t mind having my teeth cleaned. Well, I’d mind, but, worth doing.

And oh! I almost forgot. eHarmony. I’ve been told it is good, and considering it costs a few hundred for a one year subscription that allows you to actually reply to people, it better be. Waiting on that.

Prescription sunglasses. So hard to get. But I don’t wear contact lenses (which, if I did, would enable me to wear all sunglasses instead of the miniscule fraction which are Rx compatible).

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