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Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, May 25th, 2006 ~ 5pm

I’ve been postering a little for the upcoming Stuart Davis show (Sat June 24 at Trilogy). I’ve started out small with just a couple dozen 11x17s printed up at Kinkos – 17 cents each, not bad. It’s Tanja’s Netherlands tour poster, reformatted a bit to fit 11×17.

Since the show is just under a month away I’ve decided to just put up a very few now, with the intention to put up most the week before the show. There are wide “poster poles” (I don’t know what to call them) that exist along the Pearl Street pedestrian mall for this purpose.

I like that most of these poles only have one or two Stuart Davis posters on them now. Because the posters have a big face on them, they make the poles look like giant cylindrical muppets (maybe something from Labyrinth) with Stuart’s face. Look out pedestrians, it is a giant pole! Don’t even imagine what giant-pole-Stuart will do if he catches you! (Ain’t no lube in the world that will help you. In the whole world, I said!).

Since I work on Pearl Street it is easy for me to put up a couple posters each morning as I walk by these poles on my way from parking my car to my desk. And one does need to do redo this each morning because often within a few hours of the posters going up, they are covered by posters promoting “happy hour” at any of the numerous beer dives in town. For some reason these places feel they need to advertise the fact that they sell beer. I’m pretty sure people know that, duh. And there are other musicians putting up posters as well. That’s understandable. But the bar ads are just annoying, because the bars make money in town year ’round, while touring artists are visiting this town just once and need it known.

But I’ll tell you what I like: Every once and awhile, it is apparent that someone charged with putting up dozens of posters has carefully decided not to cover the one that I put up. That’s classy, and it happened once today – a string of beer posters all around – but not over – the Stuart Davis gig poster.

Every Thursday morning the poles are bare. The city removes the accumulated posters every Thursday. Which is kind of lame in light of the fact that many of the key shows that are being promoted are for Friday or Saturday night. So removing their posters the night before they matter most is kind of… well it would not surprise me if someone bitter thought of that schedule.

Anyway there’s a big festival coming up this Memorial Day weekend that will likely mean double the number of usual pedestrians walking through this place, so I imagine every band is going to try to have their posters up for viewing this weekend.

Update: May 30: Success! One of my housemates came in today, the last day of the Memorial Day weekend, and told me that Stuart Davis is playing Triology June 24. He knew I liked the artist so he took note when he saw a poster up. “That was me!” I explained, “I put those posters there!” Awesome. I’d gone downtown Sunday afternoon to reposter; my housemates observation means that some of them remained visible all the way until Monday.

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