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Yahoo Mail is Nefarious

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, April 26th, 2009 ~ 2pm

Clever! In order to prevent people from using ad-blocking software on Yahoo mail, the scrollbars and other essential elements come from the same sources as the ads! So, I ended up spending $20 to make Yahoo Mail work properly. This is ok — I’ve alternated between the free and the pay for years.

I then started organizing my email.

I hadn’t deleted any emails in about two years. There was lots to do.

I’ve organized my mail too. Purchases are now in a Purchases folder. Facebook notifications are now in a Facebook folder. Some clients who send me a lot of mail now have their own folders.

By the way, I keep my purchases emails out of paranoia that someday the RIAA will claim I don’t own my music, and I’ll have to drag out a thousand order confirmations from ebay, half, itunes, amazon, and deepdiscount to prove that I do.

Next, I will download each folder to my own PC. Painstakingly downloading via Yahoo’s POP mail settings into a local mail program such as Outlook, and then exporting from Outlook into more generic saved data. Took an hour but I cut my online mail from about 3,000 messages down to a couple hundred.

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