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Paintings of Chris Reccardi

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 4th, 2009 ~ 9pm

I am excited, in a synaptic sense, by the paintings of Chris Reccardi, which I browsed today after seeing him mentioned on BoingBoing.

I haven’t flipped out while flipping through someone’s paintings in awhile, but I surely did today, to the extent that I’d love to buy some of his work and hang it on my walls. Not that I can — but I would get two or three if I could (if I was making $100,000 a year, his work would be both enjoyable and a really good investment).

He may remind you of a couple similar artists*, but down to the details he’s far more to my liking than anyone else. His genre is called “Psy-fi” and although I have no idea what that means, it includes the 1960s-version-of-the-near-future that I’ve always been enamored of (see my blog entry about go-go boots and their connection to the space age here), and spy games and other fun stuff.

He sells Giclee prints (a fancy kind of poster reproduction) once and awhile for actually rather reasonable prices, and as there is as-yet no coffee table book or commercials prints for regular plebes, that’s the way I’d go if only I had a few tens of thousands dollars extra each year. I would absolutely buy the two above (one is sold out though). Maybe someday.

I’ve speculated that the life cycle of an artist goes from actual painting only the wealthy can buy, to Giclee prints some people could buy, and only later after that market has been tapped will there ever be coffee table books. To release a coffee table book too early would hurt the draw of the real thing. No pun intended.

*Shag, and that other one whose name I don’t recall but who always has all limbs end in annoying little tips.

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