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A sense of menace

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 4th, 2009 ~ 9pm

Beyond that… So on one hand I am envisioning a world in which I flip through paintings. Maybe as a career! (Not that such a career necessarily exists). Something really frou frou, surrounded by art. …And on the other hand I am bothered that there are not enough animals left to eat to make practical the option of building a fort in the woods and living solely on what one can send an arrow into. (And the related problem of how one would get a supply of arrows if one were removed from the economy; can’t really whittle them.)

In times of economic crisis, people would be reassured to know they can always retreat into a cave and/or fort and/or forest. But the sad fact is, we can’t. First of all, because caves aren’t really safe for humans due to other animals liking caves, but more generally, because there is no land left. There is nothing in the United States, and probably Canada too (not that anyone would care, since Canada is too cold) that is not owned. Our planet is full. There is no “over there” left, not anymore.

Undertone of this blog entry is that the job situation is precarious again. Same as it was about two months ago, but, newly precarious in that the old precarious position has passed, and this identical one has replaced it with a new sense of menace.

So I am trying to hold visions of my future where there are no problems, but I am also analyzing worst-case scenarios (albeit, with the unrealistic idea that it would be easier to overthrow the capitalist system than to find a replacement job if the need arises). (Though I imagine I could if I tried). (Though I imagine it would take a few decades).

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