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Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 4th, 2006 ~ 12am

Wooo, I’ve got that fevery thing hapenning where my sense of temperature – both mine and the room-at-large – are all wonky. Rigt now that’s translating to a nice almost firey warmth under my sheets. This is day three of my cold.

Making the experience a bit worse is the amphetamine-like sleep schedule of my housemates, who may be great guys, but who sometimes decide not to go to sleep. A conversation in the next room over went on until about 7am, and the room below went dark at about 4am. How can people do that? I don’t know. Back in college my roommate pulled an all-nighter once, and that was because there was a major test the next morning. But I’ve never seen it done for non-vital reasons.

Update: A couple days later now and I am fine, in fact Monday was great as I was sick enough to take off work but well enough to get out into the sun for the first time in weeks. But I’ve lost (temporarily, I presume) a portion of my ability to taste and smell food properly. I can still taste sweets, and I can taste things like garlic, but a whole mid-range section of flavors is missing. Many foods are off balance now. Cheerios taste terrible. Bagels, terrible. Who’d have thunk it, that such basic foodstuffs, if you subtract a few of their flavors, would taste so unpleasant?

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