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Caroline Dhavernas in tv and film

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 ~ 5pm

Linky to an essay by someone else who appreciated the show Wonderfalls. “Does it seem like every interesting, innovative series that you adore and worship gets yanked before its time? According to this rabid small screen fangirl, you are not alone.”

In a related note (this is me blogging now, not the essayist), I bought from Canada the Canadian edition of a film that stars Caroline Dhavernas of Wonderfalls (who for some reason reminds me of the new Starbuck on Galactica — I think because I can imagine both of them saying sarcastically “Ya think!?” accompanied by a wide-eyed incredulous stare). **

Due to my lack of attention about what the current exchange rate is between us and Canada*, I ended up paying a “shitload” for this Canadian DVD of These Girls. But it should be worth it, if I like the film, because the Canadian versions has a, um well the word “shitload” comes to mind again, of extras on it that are not present on the United States version. Including a commentary track. Here’s a picture of the Canadian version. Only place to get it is Amazon.ca (the Canadian version of Amazon), or DeepDiscountDVD.ca (the Canadian version of DeepDiscountDVD.com).

The director of These Girls, writing on his blog, explains:
“After a little investigation I can now report that the US version of These Girls does not contain the extras that the Canadian disk has on it. The Canadian version has a commentary track with Caroline Dhavernas, Amanda Walsh, Holly Lewis and myself wise cracking for your entertainment. It also has an on the set interview with the girls and a whole pile of deleted scenes. The US version has none of these goodies – so beware. The Canadian version also has the cover art with David shirtless – perhaps a further bonus for some – whereas the US version has him in a white T-shirt (must be cold down there in LA). I have no idea if Amazon.ca will ship to the US but I would advise getting the Canadian version if you want your money’s worth.”

*A few years ago (i.e. before President Bush), things from Canada worked out to cost very little after going through the currency exchange. Today, the Canadian dollar is as strong or maybe sometimes stronger than our indebted country’s dollar.

**I think this could qualify as a sex fantasy for me. Ya think?

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