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Highlander Dream, at an old Inn

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, May 24th, 2009 ~ 11am

I dreamed a new Highlander film was being filmed in an abandoned mansion. The mansion was formerly a lavish inn, on a property with rolling hillside forests. But the forests had been toppled (but not cleared — covering the road to the inn with log upon logs, and making the hills essentially unwalkable). The inn had once been so popular there’d even been a small row of stores set up across from the inn, a fascimilie of a small main street in appearance, to cater to the large population that lived at the inn. A section of the sky between these two structures had been covered over to shelter people from the rain; from the black metalwork (once fitted with glass), it would have had to have been from some decade before the 1940s. The 1920s perhaps. The storefronts had of course been abandoned and boarded up as well. I recall specifically that one store was home furnishings, which seems odd, but perhaps some people lived at the Inn, or perhaps they sold furnishing similar to what guests at the Inn would have seen (and presumably fallen in love with) during their stay.

Anyway, thanks to my tremendously-improving ability to fly in dreams (I am truly excelling at it now — no more leaping around; I’m able to spread my arms and simply fly forward) I was able to fly over the fallen forest, starting at what had been the entrance to the main driveway — an entrance in an nine-foot stone wall that wrapped around the property) (a road also followed this wall, a road that was still active). I flew over what had been the main driveway, to get much of the same effect that visitors to the inn would have experienced driving up when the inn was alive and the roadway free.

Over two hills, then up to the inn (itself on the highest hill). The entrance to the inn was on my left, the storefronts on my right.

The film crew had come up through a different access road, and set up their cameras inside. The film was, like most Highlander films, a low budget affair and the set was informal. Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul were both back, doing some swordwork and some Quickenings. There was also a dreamcatcher in the room they were filming in.

The lobby of the inn extended across most of the front floor of the inn like a grand hall ending in a dark wood staircase, and beyond the staircase I imagine there was probably a dining hall or non-public offices. Red carpeting and wood panel walls, and a good story and a half in height (the front windows were tall as well). The inn itself was either four or five stories as seen from the outside, rising directly up and then ending in an abbreviated angled roof as opposed to no angled roof at all. I believe that there was a tower in the first corner of the inn that one sees as one approaches — this would be a few floors above the area I guessed might be a dining hall or hotel offices.

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