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Deb Talan, The Weepies

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 11th, 2006 ~ 5pm

There’s an artist-approved live recording of Deb Talan (performing with Steve Tannen as The Weepies) on one of those music services. At the time I originally heard this in-studio appearance on the radio (Sep 24, 2004), I wrote on Talan’s message board “If you had any doubts, it was so nice. Managed to roll out of bed and get the computer and stereo fired up in time to capture it, and I’m listening to it again now. Wonderful… World Spins Madly On sounded so familiar… maybe WERS has been playing it or maybe its just transcended earthy boundaries of music distribution. I love the way your music sounds so familiar. Best wishes and all that.” Still true two years later.

I’ve also been playing their new album, Say I Am You, the title of which will surely bring a smile to the face of any punkmonks reading this blog. I prefer the performances of World… on the WERS broadcast to the one on the album, though, because Talan takes the lead vocals on the WERS broadcast but Steven Tannen takes the lead on the album track. By the way the live recording will likely end up on archive.org eventually since the artist allows free sharing of such recordings.

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