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Four-thirds camera…waiting

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, May 29th, 2009 ~ 12pm

We’re a half-month away from the revealing of the new “four-thirds” camera from Olympus — a camera that contains nearly the same-sized high-quality image sensor as a bulky DSLR camera, but in a body as svelte as a pocket camera. Expectation is that it will look a lot like this film camera from the 1960s:

It will even be old-fashioned in that the flash will be a little gizmo you stick on top. I am not sure that was a good idea, but, it will prevent red-eye (red-eye being caused by flashes that are too near to the lens).

Everyone who is following this is just waiting to discover whether this new camera will be well-thought-out, or a rushed effort. It could go either way.

As a sucker for things based on the future-that-never-was (the future that the 1960s wanted), I would be thrilled if it does indeed look like the old film camera pictured above.

I’m following the rumor mill at 43rumors.com

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