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Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, September 3rd, 2004 ~ 10pm

TimeQuest: What if JFK Had Lived?. Picked this one up on a whim due to the presence of low-budget film favorite Bruce Campbell (appearing here in a brief bit just to signal to genre buffs that this little film is worth checking out), and moreover because I was impressed that a filmmaker would actually believe that this often-thought-of time travel concept was a concept that he or she could do better than anyone else. And as it turns out, this little low budget film manages to tell a solid story that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the old or new “Outer Limits” series. Low budget or no budget films are rarely perfect, yet so much of this film surpassed my expectations, from a highly effective recreation of the look of the early 1960s, to a range of excellent main and supporting cast members (fans of Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks will recognize some faces here in the supporting roles), and — not least important when making a film about Texas and the Kennedys — excellent voice work. The bizarro Kennedy family accent sounds entirely natural – something that even high-budget epics about the Kennedys have not managed to achieve. Beyond the realistic 1960s environement and the good cast — the lead actress reminds me of Linda Fiorentino — this is a sweet story, the ultimate dream for a fan of Camelot like me, whose feature length running time manages to give what short “Outer Limits” episodes often do not — time to revel in the alternate world that it so effectively creates. Be willing to overlook a few flaws, as you would when attending a college-level theatrical performance, and there’s a pleasant movie here to enjoy. Definate a film to own if you also own the new “Outer Limits: Time Travel & Infinity” disc – this is a perfect fit.

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