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work disappointment

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 ~ 1am

I’m feeling a bit disappointed today, related to work. There’s so very little to look forward to at this job, and I’d been hoping that the new web design that we would be shown today would turn out to be something surprisingly brilliant. I’d been looking forward to being impressed, so I’d have pleasure in “building out” the design (a process of implementing the design, which is rather like someone making a painting and them then saying “ok, now you copy it”). I’d wanted to be impressed by something better than what I could do, and this was not.

Also I don’t like the way that direction that I gave was not taken. I gave him half a dozen examples of web sites – including a rough sketch of what I had in mind for our site – that featured rounded corners on photos. And he turned in photos with square corners. Am I wrong to think that when one shows examples to people, that they’d “get” what they are seeing? Apparently people don’t pay attention to the same things, even when they are looking at the very same thing! I knew which nuances were important to me. I believe I communicated their importance through examples and through description. But evidently not.

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