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Trilogy 24th… pre

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 ~ 12pm

So it is mid-day Friday and I’ve just put up the last of my posters for Saturday’s Stuart Davis show. Even though I wasn’t paid to do this or anything, I have to say I liked having a purpose that got me out on the mall. There was some stress involved as posters were covered up, but in general I liked it. I went with a vertical arrangement of posters this day, different than what most people do. Update: 3 of the kiosks were torched overnight (Friday to Saturday), a fairly regular occurrence judging by the amount of grey soot around them. So I went by Saturday afternoon and put up the very last 2 or 3 remaining sheets I had. Probably the torching was late, late Friday night as the bars closed, so, chances are they got seen.

I came across a blog by a person named Matthew who says he saw Stuart putting up posters of his own at the Integral Institute:

Stuart Davis Concert June 24!!!

Yesterday, Nomali invited me to the I-I office to pre-beta-test the new ISC tools that will launch in like a week or two. And while I was there, who should walk in but none other than Stuart Davis! He was posting flyers on his upcoming concert! The funny thing is he had just sent out about 1300 of them… then Rollie pointed out that there was no date anywhere on the flyer!! “Fuck!” < — that's my impression of Stu. Anyway, long story short, I asked the Dharma pop star if it was ok that I use his music on my weekly podcast, and he was all like “Go for it!” So, for all you who will be in town (Boulder) later this month, Stu's concert will be at Trilogy June 24 at 9PM! Mark your calendars!!! As a bonus, you'll get to hang out with me!!

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