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Five & a Half

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, July 26th, 2009 ~ 11am

I dreamed a company that ran a series of shopping-mall-based time travel locations called “Five & a Half” had screwed up the timeline, with 1992 appearing more futuristic than 2009 due to bleed-back of modern technology.

Newspapers, for example, were the shape of a folded paper but with e-ink so that the whole of the contents could be moved across the pages. (Why folded? Party to make it like a newspaper that could be held traditionally, and mostly because the panel to the left was always advertising and the panel to the right was free — and holding the paper served to make the paper like a billboard being displayed by the reader.) Television was 3D. And the company had put its “Five & a Half” stores into malls retroactively. And there were Terminator: Salvation-like robot squids used for security.

No one noticed the differences of course.

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