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Off the cutting room floor

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 ~ 11am

Stuart Davis and Will Bueche discuss aliens

I was so satisfied with my interview on “Sex God Rock ‘n’ Roll with Stuart Davis” this past December that I declared it to be my last interview ever. (It actually appears only on the extended version of the episode, not the version that aired on HDNet). Stuart Davis was a great interviewer, and I was natural and comfortable in my answers (despite my neck muscles having locked tight the moment it started), there was a live audience providing instant feedback, and the editing was suberb. It was the best interview I’d ever done, of the 3 or 4 I’ve done, and so it was the perfect note to go out on. It can be seen online with a 2nd-level membership to www.sexgodrocknroll.com (the “God” level that provides the “Extended” versions of the episodes).

…But I’ve just learned that an old interview I did elsewhere, which was originally left on a cutting room floor, has been revived. Back in September 2006, I was one of many people interviewed by Canadian David Cherniak as he drove around the United States in an RV, asking people their opinions.

I hadn’t done an interview in years at that point, and as I wrote at the time, “I didn’t have much passion to speak about any of this, my edge being a bit dull after these past couple of years of not working in this area… also, I was having a bad hair day.”

So just when I thought a perfect interview had been my last note on the subject, I’m afraid that a pretty shoddy interview (on my part) will be adding some discordant notes. I was over-rehearsed and I under-performed for the Cherniak interview (“UFOs: Addendum 1 – Abductions”). I recall it was recorded in stop-start fashion as I called for time-outs. It was not my best. That said, I haven’t yet seen how they managed to edit it, so maybe it’s ok.

But I want to restate, I remain retired from doing interviews. I am checking now on how one can find the Stuart Davis interview and be left with butterflies and pretty daisies in one’s eyes and ears. I know it can be seen if one becomes a 2nd-level member at www.sexgodrocknroll.com (the “God” level with the “Extended” versions of the episodes), and I am checking now to see if the interview appears on the bonus disc of the season set DVDs. UPDATE: It does. I haven’t yet seen it to see if it exactly the same as the “God” level content; they may have trimmed it a bit more, but, it is there in some fashion.

In contrast to the Stuart Davis show, I don’t expect anyone to rush out and buy the Cherniak documentary, as it was not designed for general audiences. But I felt like venting my belief that my performance on the Cherniak documentary was poor.

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