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My response to a "Remixes… why?" question

Posted in Music by Will on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 ~ 12am

My response to a “Remixes… why?” question on Amazon.

Remixes are simply efforts to provide a different “experience” of a song. Granted some are crappy, but the intent is to make a version that sounds as if it is being perceived in a particular mood or state of mind. The best DJs or remixers are not trying to take credit for the original song, they’re trying to create a sort of filter through which you recognize the original song but have been transported into a place from where you hear it through another perspective or another mind. It’s kind of neat when done right. Sometimes the original artists do it themselves too (make different mixes), it is not always in the hands of someone else.

All that said, when done badly, there’s nothing worse. My pet peeve is when it is clear that the DJ wanted to make an entirely new song and then just added in a trace amount of the original so people would listen to his or her crap. But DJs that respect the original enough to really play with the themes that it presents or suggests have my respect.

The best is that thanks to iTunes, you can have 20 different versions of a song, and on shuffle play or random play, you never know what version you’ll hear.

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