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If you live long enough you will see…

Posted in Music by Will on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 ~ 11pm

“If you live long enough you will see the bodies of all your enemies floating down the river.” Another thing that I have waited for decades to see is the official release of David Bowie’s Nassau ’76 show. Done. Or nearly (first half of 2010):


Station To Station Special Edition

Disc 1
CD = Original stereo Station To Station album
Disc 2
DVD = 5.1 Station To Station surround sound mix and original stereo album. 5.1 – Mixed by Harry Maslin.
Discs 3 & 4
2 x CDs = Uniondale, Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum March 23rd, 1976 – Mixed by Harry Maslin.

Live Nassau 1976 tracklisting

01 – Station To Station
02 – Suffragette City
03 – Fame
04 – Word On A Wing
05 – Stay
06 – Waiting For The Man
07 – Queen Bitch
08 – Life On Mars?
09 – Five Years
10 – Panic In Detroit (with most of drum solo edited out)
11 – Changes (with band Intro)
12 – TVC 15
13 – Diamond Dogs
14 – Rebel Rebel
15 – The Jean Genie

And for the record, I do not want to see any soggy bodies, not even of my enemies. I hope I don’t have any enemies. Yeah, there are enemies of freedom, and people who are so stupid that they are enemies to everyone including themselves (I’m taking about you, teabaggers and anti-health-care crazies!), but I don’t want them floating down a river. I want them enlightened and happy.

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