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Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 16th, 2006 ~ 9pm

Just saw it Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

A gloomy sequel to a great, heart-lifting adventure film.

Viewed in context as a sequel, I did not like the way they spent the first 20 minutes undoing the friendship between the three main characters that had been established in the first film. But I guess the writers felt they needed to regress Captain Sparrow or else they wouldn’t have been able to make the film about whether he had a moral compass.

This film was all spectacle and no heart.

Even the romance was jettisoned, since Turner and Elizabeth were separated for most of the film.

There was one good speech in the film, when Elizabeth was trying to convince Jack that he’d want to try being good. But the clever exchanges that were rampant in the first film simply weren’t here in this sequel.

Dark, not romantic, and way too long as well.

I liked Superman Returns much better – a film that could be described as all heart and not enough spectacle. Pirates 2 was all spectacle and not enough heart.

(In review, the three films of the summer that I’ve seen, in order of their greatness, would be: Superman Returns or A Scanner Darkly in first or second place, and Pirates in a distant third).

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