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Separate not isolated

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 ~ 7pm

A good relationship may not actually have been possible, reality having rather disproved the possibility. But our hope was real. And that is why I hoped to hear K— was ok, after she accidentally sent me an email the other day (an email of just one character – which I correctly read as an inadvertently-sent mail).

Fortunately she is ok. I hesitated to open her reply to my “are you ok? why did you write?” email until after I’d spent an afternoon with a friend, for fear that reading her reply would be upsetting to me if it were angry at me. In fact it was innocuous. Nice, even. She was not angry as I feared. So I wrote back.

And so now I am caught up on her life, to a small but important extent.

Waiting’ for someone / To give me the okay
To really be in love / Or to go our separate ways

I’m glad that separate ways doesn’t mean isolated ways, not when you get an opportunity to know what another person is up to.

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