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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 ~ 6pm

I wrote this blog entry in July

I’m quoted in an upcoming book about alien encounters, but this one is in French. Mr Stéphane Allix says “…my book will come out soon now, end of September. I might be able to send you the cover very soon. I like it, you are in it, partly what we’ve talk about during your interview. I’d love it to be translated in English…” As would I, since my high school French lessons probably aren’t going to be enough to allow me to see what the heck I said.

Allix sent me the cover art, and I promptly told him — while placing the blame firmly on the publishers’ shoulders — that it looked like a cover from the 1970s. Trying to soften the blow (and to show off) I whipped up a mock-up of an improved cover that at least brought it up at least to the 1980s. I sent it to him with the suggestion that he petition the publisher. But he replied, “That looks good… But we are not yet so used in France to such colorful book covers.” No time like the present to start getting acclimatized, I thought. But “the publisher wants to stay kind of classic…sober and serious.” Ah, the polite brush-off. I hope he was not offended.

Publisher’s cover on left, my suggested revision on right. I don’t care for the photo/illustration on either one, but working with what the publisher already had I wanted to show the publisher that even a change in font would do wonders.

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