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Dream of cloning

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 ~ 12pm

I had a fantastic dream in which I was Kristen Bell (actress, of Veronica Mars fame) and there was a current moral crisis in the country about whether cloning one’s self was acceptable or not, prompted by the discovery of the perfect technique to produce a flock of clones. There was lots of pressure from the religious right not to clone one’s self, even as there was a major rush of people wanting to do it, and the inventor of the cloning process was actively seeking people to select from. He wanted me, because I was Kristen Bell after all! I (as Kristen Bell) ultimately decided to get cloned, despite the protests. I went up to the leader of the clone company — a Frank Langella type — and told him my decision, despite my own lingering question of whether they’d determined an answer to the “soul question” yet (would we have the same soul, or does each clone have its own? And the related question of, if a clone dies, how is it felt by those who remain alive, if they share the same soul in some sense?). He showed me in to his office immediately.

There would be 10 or 20 clones made of me. Much to my surprise, rather than beginning right away, he checked his schedule and suggested to me that I should be cloned sometime after Christmas… in fact, not until August 29th. I was puzzled by the wait of nearly a year, until I realized he was making sure that I’d be about a year younger than the majority of the clone population that was commencing right away. He wanted to be sure I’d be pretty for the cameras and the news crews, by starting me later. I (all of me) could be a de facto clone celebrity. He also wanted me to be sure to keep healthy (as if I would have some sort of control over the 20 clones — and maybe I would, since the question of the soul was very much in the air and perhaps by telling me this, it informed every one of me through the ethers). He advised me not to drink alcohol that would prematurely age me — “Don’t spoil the mystery of the princess” was how he put it. (Though actually, since in the dream Kristen Bell was in her 20s, there would already be one version that would forecast how the clones would age.)

The dream also presented me with the interesting fact that once there are clones, there will be children who are older than the parents. The dream Kristen Bell had three children who were maybe two or three years old — also produced without her being pregnant herself, carried to term by others or something — and they’d be about three years older than the cloned parent, forever. I.e. when the clone was 10, the child would be 13, etc. It was an interesting scenario.

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  1. Rodney said,

    on September 8th, 2009 at 8:54 am

    I enjoy your dream posts. You have very active dreams it seems. I do as well and remember them vividly for a time. You mentioned learning to fly in one. I went through a year or more of “training” dreams where I learned to fly. I can do so now in dreams easily. That dream-world flying process was fascinating to me at the time. I always wonder if it means anything??

  2. Will said,

    on September 8th, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Yeah I wonder too. It seems so purposeful. I have to imagine it (the ability to fly) has some application, somewhere.

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