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Lease concern

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 ~ 11am

The wife of the owner of our house showed up today with an architect and it sounded like they are selling our house. Completely unexpected.

At best, we have through June of next year, which is when our lease expires.

At worst, there may be a clause in our lease saying that the landlord does not need to honor the lease, in which case we (each of us at the house) will likely go our separate ways, as Ben is looking for work in Denver, and Tim has an ample supply of friends with whom he could find cohabitation. (I would have liked for the three of us to stay together, but Ben mentioned Denver would be sensible for his job search).

So, cross your fingers for a good outcome, ideally something that involves staying through next year!

I nearly, but did not, post a blog yesterday saying I had a feeling that bad news was on its way. This was both a mental impression and a physical expression — my solar plexus chakra was feeling tiny, like it was nearly absent. I did not post what i wrote because I felt that a blog about a bad feeling would be silly nonsense. Couple that with a concern I had two weeks ago: When Ben heard that I was using stereo speakers instead of surround, he told me I could use his surround system that was in storage. I thanked him, and thought about wiring my room up, and then said to myself that I should not take the time to do that, because if I did invest that kind of time running wires around, chances are that we’d then hear from the landlord that we were going to have to move out. I didn’t run the wires; my decision not to was based on the laws of irony (that every action has an unequal ironic reaction). But why did I chose that particular ironic situation? I could have as easy felt that if I took the time to wire up the speakers, the speakers would get stolen. No, it was a particular concern about eviction. And today it revealed itself.

All I can hope is that our lease through June is actually a lease that the owner has to honor. It would be an odd lease if it were a lease that only we the tenants had to honor, and which the owner could disregard.

As I learn more, I’ll “stand down” this alert, or raise it, as needed.

Update: If they are not liars, there is a chance we’re ok for now.

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