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Cheap CDs

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 ~ 7pm

Being unemployed, I’ve had time to visit the local Salvation Army store a lot. They’ve been getting CDs in, after months of not having any. Since each is only $1.08 after tax I’ve been looking though and buying some, even though pickings are slim.

I found Moby “Play” — an excellent compilation of his least-productive years; Living In Oblivion Vol. 4 — nowhere near as good as Rhino’s 15-disc Just Can’t Get Enough series, but with some songs that aren’t on Rhino’s set. For $3 each at a different thrift store I found two of Joan Jett‘s albums. And I wasted a dollar on an Oasis album (hated it).

You always have to check to see if the CD is actually in the case, and if the CD matches the case. The Moby CD I got had no case artwork at all, but that’s fine.

I’ve noticed a few weird things that are consistent across Salvation Army and nearby thrift stores:

  • There will always be one CD by the band Garbage, but there will be no CD actually in the case.
  • There will always be Christina Aguilara’s Christmas album.
  • There will be multiple copies of Highlights from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

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