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Ken Wilber's lofty presence

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, August 7th, 2006 ~ 3pm

My friend does not have a blog but if she did, this would be deservedly posted.

My friend was recently checking out lofts in the city. One she considered was, she was informed, previously rented by Ken Wilber, professional philosopher. If that information was meant to be persuasive to prospective tenants, it was not a factor in her choice. She chose another one instead. Which she just learned is below where Ken Wilber is living right now; he’s evidently in the penthouse, and she’s a few floors below. This is weird. She says her apartment search was “running in Wilber’s wake” or somethin’. Weird indeed. Though logically, it makes sense that people with highly developed senses – including aesthetic senses – would appreciate the same sorts of particular lofts/buildings/locations.

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