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Google's Book Search: The Bitch-Slapping Years

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, August 13th, 2006 ~ 11pm

Urg. Tonight I honed my mental dexterity by getting into an argument in the comments section of a news site. I participated in an argument about the merits of Google’s Book Search. I think I beat the mental crap out of a couple of people as I defended the project, though to be fair neither of the two people who engaged me in the discourse understood what Google’s Book Search does (or is intended to do). I felt bad for one of them (though I did not say so – instead I called him ignorant and mocked his ability to comprehend what he read). He was an author who believed that Google was trying to steal his books. He kept suggesting that searching the contents of a book was like stealing a sofa. When in fact it is more like prodding a sofa and then announcing in exacting detail how firm it is. I guess my motivation for participating was that I wanted a hone my mind with a sparring partner in a situation that entailed no repercussions. Nevertheless I feel a bit iffy about having argued with someone.

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