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The Empty Office

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, August 17th, 2006 ~ 7pm

So if you were wondering what my strongest personality trait is, in the eyes of the Bible, that would be sloth. I’m slothy. My office is away at a convention (not the fun kind, but some kind of software convention. …not the fun kind of software). And so my work week has involved driving in to the empty office, turning on my computer to check for email, maybe walking down the hall to make sure no one’s stolen the tech room, returning to my office chair — which is now one of those inflatable silver exercise orbs — and then deciding to leave early. I race home, stopping at Target on the way to check again if the latest Battlestar Galactica titanium ships by Hasbro have arrived yet (they haven’t), and then I put on my swim suit and step out onto the patio to get a few minutes sunlight. I am being honest about this — I am only logging an hour’s work each day. My level of sloth is such that in a choice between being paid for a 30 hour work week, or being paid for a 5 hour work week, I decide in favor of the slothiness. I have, however, fixed a web page that broke about three years ago that I never got around to fixing, and made some quick cover art for something that I’d promised about two months ago. Now I have to catch up on some things I’d promised within the past month or so, and I’ll be able to justify my slothiness.

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