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CD sleeves that I use

Posted in Music by Will on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 ~ 10pm

Here’s some pics I took of the sleeves I use for my CDs.

I replace all my hard plastic jewel cases with these sleeves, which I buy in bulk from www.bagsunlimited.com.

Primary reason to do this is to save on space. Importantly, these particular sleeves save ALL the art (front AND back). Notice in the top photo that because the back cover art is saved, the spine titles are still present — something many sleeves don’t bother to save!

Photos: Top photo: A 3:1 reduction in thickness — a standard jewel case compared to three discs (with all the art preserved) in sleeves. Bottom photo: Front and back of the sleeve.

One criticism of these sleeves is that they’re not really made to be opened and resealed over and over. They can survive being sealed and unsealed a few times, but the tape gives out eventually. These sleeves are best for simply saving the materials, after you’ve imported the CD to your computer.

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