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Swati surfaces!

Posted in Music by Will on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 ~ 5pm

Swati surfaces! I’d worried. I had the sense she was one of the most self-critical people, and I feared that her lack of a second album meant she’d been throwing away everything she’d been recording. But it sounds like it was a label dispute, among other things:

“…Yet Swati is struggling a bit in her independence. In the midst of extricating herself from a record-label deal, Swati recently moved from New York City to Woodstock. Loba came, too. That’s Swati’s 14-year-old dog, who once leaped through a screen door in pursuit of a squirrel, was hit by a car and ran six blocks down the street on adrenaline and three legs. There’s a lesson in perseverance there.”

Full article:

If Swati is by some chance reading this blog entry after finding it via google, I say “Persevere, Swati! I am rooting for you!”

Just last night I stumbled upon a live 5-song set being sold on iTunes. It had come out in 2008 but I never knew about it:

5-live: Fantastic recording of an intense, short set by Swati. She slows several of her songs down (as compared to the album versions), and ups the trippy acoustic guitar effects until you are totally engrossed in her world. I cannot emphasize enough how good the mix is on this recording, and how transfixing a lyricist/singer/guitarist Swati is.


A blogger named Meredith says “So I had to do some research to learn how Swati creates her incredibly distinctive sound… turns out she’s got eight strings on a twelve-string guitar, open tuning, and lots of pedals. “Big Bang,” which features a departure into the realm of near-metal, showcases this sound, but I prefer “New Me,” the album closer, as my Exhibit A.”

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