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Unintentional predictions

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, August 28th, 2006 ~ 11pm

Before I went to sleep, I thought about how I should go ahead and buy the DVD season set of Highlander: The Raven, a series I’d had my eye on for a few years. I checked out the price online, saw it was still $30 (as it had been for the past couple years), and decided that price was still too high for me to buy it. So I went to sleep. And awoke to find that a sale started that cut the price in half.

The second thing I thought about that very same night was that I should sell a particular stock at a modest loss rather than risk losing the entire value, which would happen if the company went out of business — a possibility that I feared was looming, given that nothing significant had happened to the company in well over a year. Later in the day, after the markets closed, the company announced someone would like to buy the company, which caused the price to rise high enough for me to sell at the exact amount of loss that I’d decided would be acceptable.

I hope I thought about some other stuff before I went to sleep last night, because this seems like a fortuitous trend.

(Note to self: I wrote that on Aug 21)

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