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Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 ~ 2pm

I’m in a slightly sad mood after a dream last night. Sad isn’t the right word, but tinged-with-sadness is about right. In the dream I was communicating with a woman, and telling her how I missed her and wanted to be with her, and that I was concerned because life is fleeting, and there’s only so many years of my life left. She replied, without speaking, and from her soundless reply I was kind of shocked because she was saying I could be with her if I died, and this was expressed in a kind way, like she could arrange that if I truly wanted it. I was taken aback, because death is icky, and I quickly said to her that I didn’t mean in that way, that, on the contrary, I wanted to be with her while I was alive, and that with only a few decades of life left, I felt some urgency. So we were on different pages. She told me her name, which was the name of a Greek goddess (though she was just a normal woman in sweatpants), and I tried to remember it to look up the meaning today, but I could not remember it, other than that I think it had an M and a Y in it (though the Y could have just been a vowel that sounded like a Y, it is not as if I was told how to spell it).

I believe, because it was a Greek goddess name, that this dream was a reference to the Greek’s belief that one’s self was dividing in two when born, with one part in the soul realm and one part in the earth realm, and the part in the earth realm set to wandering to find a companion that reminds or fulfills the missing part of themselves. I don’t subscribe to this Greek theory but it is what the dream was representing — that I feel incomplete, and that I must make an effort to feel complete in my remaining decades.

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  1. Rodney said,

    on October 4th, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Fascinating – I feel your semi-pain. Although I’ve not had the actual conversation with a dream person about not wanting to leave, I did recently “meet” someone “there” that I did not want to leave. I fought consciousness (waking up) vehemently knowing it was about to end. I also experienced that sad-ish feeling for a day or two afterward…

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