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Pity for Bush

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, September 11th, 2004 ~ 9pm

Today I found myself wearing my New York sweatshirt (or “hoodie” as my younger housemates remind me it is called), walking to the local theater to watch Farenheit 9/11. Hadn’t really been cognizant of the fact that it is the third anniversary of 9/11, coming as it has on a weekend. We’ve been living in peace for three years, but it sure hasn’t felt like this has been a peaceful age…and how could we even enjoy such a feeling if we felt it, since we know there are troops today sent into harm’s way? Moore’s film at least made me feel better in that it made clear that the president’s agenda has been a campaign of fear, an effort to make sure that the peace we’ve had has not been one that could encourage us to find a better future. Dark destinies, Bush has in mind for us. Very sad; Bush is a man to pity. I can’t imagine him getting out of hell (unless ignorance counts for a lot).

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