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Sins on holiday

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 4th, 2006 ~ 7pm

I have no sins to indulge in on this holiday! I mean, if I have a sin worth mentioning (besides the aforementioned sloth) it would be lust, but you can’t “do” lust. Like, if I smoked cigars, I could smoke a cigar (not sure which sin that is, but there’s probably a general “inhalation of smoke” sin somewhere). Or if I drank alcohol, I could do that (that’s probably in “gluttony”). Just like me to pick a favorite sin that really depends on other people, particularly since “other people” are what scare me most.

Some may question whether holidays are meant to do sinful things. Probably they aren’t intended as such, per se. But it just seems like a good time to do some. Usual disclaimer: I don’t believe in sin. Just a handy word.

Instead of any of the above, I cleaned my bathtub. At least I think it is clean… there are bleach ingredients involved so the grime could be hiding.

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