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My letter to the editor (or really just a blog comment on the local newspaper site)

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 ~ 12pm

(Context: The Boulder sheriff has been making statements to the effect that the Halloween holiday is dangerous, and revelers should stay away from downtown or they may be arrested. He even has the SWAT team on duty. The local newspaper investigated this assertion and found that on the contrary, Halloween typically has fewer arrests than, say, the week earlier. Officials point to a holiday some 20 years ago as proof that it is violent — see pic below from 1989). UPDATE: Chief Breckner responded to this by exerting even more pressure on the city: “the city will close off access to six parking garages and is even considering shutting down U.S. 36.” Yep, closing down a highway on the chance that Halloween may be violent. You’d expect this in an ultra-religious city where Halloween is believed to be satanic, but we’re in civilization here! Vote the bums out.

The beer dude costume is good. The two men on either side of him dressed as police officers got the cops-with-moustaches cliche down perfectly, too.

Thank you, Daily Camera, for exposing the statements made by certain elected officials as simple scare tactics. I’d like to think they are just trying to justify overtime, but even if so, they must be more careful not to create an unnecessary divide between the public and those who are meant to “protect and serve” the public.

One good measure that could be taken to restore the relationship between the public and the public servants would be to honor and respect the pumpkin run. Take an example from the Fremont Solstice Parade, in which hundreds of creatively-painted nude people cycle peacefully to great acclaim (with parents and children lining the parade route) — and the police respect this because they recognize that their duty is to respect the community that they serve, and to respect the community’s standards (even if they seem liberal or fun).

Decisions by officials about what laws to enforce and when to enforce them must be made in the context of the community that has elected them.

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