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Adam Ant autobiography to be published next week

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, September 7th, 2006 ~ 2am

Adam Ant, my favorite pop star of the 1980’s pop music scene, has an autiobiography due out next week. I say “autobiography” but there is a strong chance that it was written by literary agent Mal Peachey, based in part on extensive diaries that Adam kept. As some may have heard, Adam has been suffering from a mental illness that became more pronounced in recent years (a widely reported arrest at a London pub, pants down and sobbing, showed how bad his condition had become).

But this book should be interesting regardless of who wrote it, as long as it is based on the diaries. It is of course sad to hear that someone was fighting a debilitating disease all of their life, and the vicarious thrills of hearing firsthand (or secondhand) about his creation of the “Ant” persona and his romance with actress Amanda Donohoe are thus surely tinted with that sadness. I’d still like to read it, because I happen to be a fan of both of those people’s creative works — and no life is perfect. Sometimes splendid, yes. Perfect? Probably no.

As an Amanda Donohoe fan I’d spotted her in a couple of Adam Ant’s early music videos — Stand & Deliver, in which she’s on the stagecoach that is being robbed by the dandy highwayman, and Ant Music, where she’s one of many people on the dance floor — and wondered how exactly that came to be. (On a related note, if you ever see Kate Bush’s music videos, you get to see a heck of a lot of now-famous British actors, including the wonderful guy who plays House, M.D.).

(If you can’t place her: Amanda Donohoe played the lesbian lawyer on LA Law — one of the first openly gay non-farcical characters on prime time television. People who were children when LA Law was on may remember her better as the executive who Jim Carrey sleeps with in the comedy Liar Liar. She’s also done voice work on Batman Beyond, an animated series I’m keen on).

This book should illuminate the connections that I’d always been curious about. Hopefully without being a tell-all kind of book. Some appearance of pandering is unavoidable given that Adam tried to fight his depression through the opiate highs of having sex with many people (the publisher is touting his dalliance with Jamie Lee Curtis), but, beyond that, this book should record his creativity and ambition…and his effort to stay ahead of the illness.

Unclear on if this book will be out in the U.S. or just the U.K. The Amazon.co.uk listing is here.

Update: DO NOT BUY THE FIRST EDITION! “Pages 151 to 182 are missing and pages 183 to 214 are duplicated on pages 215 to 336,” according to buyers. Of course if people hear about this, the book won’t sell well enough to get a second edition (or paperback edition). Hm.

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