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FedEx Home sucks!

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 ~ 1pm

I was surprised to find my laser beam was not on my doorstep today, the day when FedEx said it would be here via FedEx Home. Instead there was a FedEx sticker on my door stating no one was home — even though there were two people home including myself. I damned myself for not having heard the doorbell, but thought it was really odd, because I always hear the doorbell.

But not if it isn’t rung. Apparently FedEx Home is notorious for just slapping stickers on doors without actually ringing the doorbell or even knocking. They’re a subset of FedEx. Here’s some quotes I found:

“The driver came yesterday and must have thrown pebbles at the window to announce his presence because somehow ‘no one was home’ when there were 2 people inside the house.”

“I looked out the window to see the FedEx truck driving away so I went to the door to pick up my package. Nothing. There was a sticker on the door, no more than 2 feet from the doorbell, that said no one was at home to deliver the package so they left and will retry tomorrow. He didn’t ring the doorbell or knock. He just left.”

I could give more examples, but a more important question is “why is this?” And it seems, based on my superficial research that may not be accurate, is that the drivers of FedEx Home get paid $1.17 per stop.
In order to double their income, they try to avoid being noticed when they make their first attempt. Not sure if that’s true. UPDATE: It may be true – here’s what one driver says:

“…pay rate is up to the contractor you work for. I get paid a flat rate per day. my old bos paid us for each thing we did but this is just an example of possible pay methods.
* $0.15 to load a package on our truck
* $1 to get to a stop
* $0.50 to get or attempt a required signature
* $0.15 to deliver or attempt to deliver a package
Routes are owned fedex but each is contracted out to the individual companies that service those routes.”

So there is indeed an incentive for drivers in some districts to make a stop twice, or ideally three times, in order to get paid twice or three times as much.

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