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Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, November 13th, 2009 ~ 12pm

Surest sign that the movie “2012” opened today: I dreamed that the “North American Anomaly” was the name given to the waters that filled the collapse of much of the crust of the continent — submerging most of Texas, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and the middle latitudes of California. “We were always told California would fall into the ocean,” I told someone, “but that’s not what happened.” The NAA was not deep in terms of ocean depth, but it left North America will less than half the land surface area as before. Life went on, but people were shocked into a kind of immaturity.

UPDATE: I just got back from the theatre, and the wording “North American Anomaly” does not appear in the film. The film (2012) was pretty good, by the way. Though it’s hard to say it was great, since it was such a depressing concept. But the actors were good, including the child actors, and the storyline existed — which was more than what the doomsaying critics had been claiming would be the case. The actor who played the Operative from the Firefly movie Serenity, and who in 2012 plays a scientific advisor for the President, took the film the most seriously — his scenes could have been from a real drama. The rest of the cast (Cusack et al) took their roles a bit less seriously, but then again they’d have had to take them less seriously, since their task was to constantly dodge danger and improbably survive.

One good side-effect of watching this film? You won’t care as much about being unemployed, living through the worst depression or recession in decades – you’ll be glad just to be alive.

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