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Purging and

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 ~ 9pm

I’ve reduced the packaging of many of my action figures. And I’ve created one box titled “extras”, which means that I could abandon that box if I needed to. Why I ended up with so many duplicates, I cannot know for sure, but it speaks to some aspect of my personality, of that I can be sure.

As with any sort of cleaning or packing, this was an emotional experience. And not in a pleasant way. For when I think of my action figures, I also think of how I’ve always imagined having to create a boundary between them and any children I may have, who might not understand that grown-up action figures are for looking not for playing. And that scenario playing out in my head makes me sigh, since it was once a realistic scenario (or so I thought), but it feels less likely to ever come to be.

Another emotional aspect of this was wondering if some of what I’d spent on figures could have been spent on, say, a couch. But I consider that a couch isn’t portable, whereas these figure, for the most part, are.

I may have another look around the basement to see what else I could reduce.

I’ve also decided to give away a book I’ve read, an “HD-DVD” format movie (the format failed, so no need to keep it), and 2 action figures that I have no interest in anymore. I figure, the local Goodwill truck for that stuff, since it really has no value in terms of ebay.

I try to learn about myself when I do this sort of purging, and if I have learned anything from today’s purge, I am not sure what it is.

Oh, another thing that kept occurring to me as I did this: “I’m in the rare position of not having accomplished many goals, not from failing, but from not having had many goals to begin with.” That thought kept occurring when I considered that I’d need a house to store everything, and recognizing that without a career type of job, one cannot really buy a house — and if one does buy a house without a career, then one is basically stating that they will do whatever job happens to be nearby…which to me, means failure. So this was some heady cleaning and processing during cleaning.

Now I’m going to watch Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous, because really how bad could it possibly be?

UPDATE: It was surprisingly good. It was a remake of a Hong Kong-ian film, by the same directors, but with Nicolas Cage. I liked it. The alternate ending version, anyway.

I paused the film in the middle to throw away some more stuff — the cardboard cases for my seasons of ’24’ and Scrubs. I keep those in a binder anyway. Also the cases for the La Femme Nikita tv series. Simple logic: I won’t buy these on BluRay, so since I won’t be selling the DVDs I won’t be needing the outer packaging. I kept the episode guides where available. Also the cardboard case for Unbreakable.

I believe I’ve written about this before. The only cases I kept were Highlander, and Lost, and Veronica Mars. Why? Probably sentiment. I really like those shows. And the cases are attractive. I did however find I had a duplicate set of Lost Season 3 on DVD, which you’d think could maybe net four dollars at Bart’s, except that I believe they have several on the shelf already so they wouldn’t buy it. BluRay has made certain DVDs rather valueless. I might Goodwill it.

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